About Com Clareza

Com Clareza is a project created by Heloisa Fischer in June 2017.

It spreads in Brazil the ideas and experiences of the international plain language movement, fosters debate, shares resources, connects people and organizations.

Email: heloisa@comclareza.com.br
Mobile/ Whatsapp: +5521 97123-8912

Heloisa Fischer is a Brazilian journalist and entrepreneur. Before working in the plain language sector, she was a highly respected professional in the classical music market.  She was the founder and CEO at VivaMusica!.

Heloisa received her bachelor degree in Journalism from Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ) and has a post-graduation dregree in Consumption Culture from PUC-Rio. Her research focused on the role of  plain language in Brazillian e-gov platforms. Click here to download her thesis.

She is member of Plain Language Association International (PLAIN), the global network of plain language professionals and supporters. It was her initiative to translate to Portuguese the “What is plain language?” page at PLAIN’s website. In May 2017, she created the LinkedIn group Linguagem Clara Brasil. From March 2018 on, the group has been linked to PLAIN.

Heloisa has co-founded with Professor Dr. Erica dos Santos Rodrigues the academic studies group LincLab – Laboratório Interdisciplinar de Linguagem Clara. She also colaborates with UFRJ Inovation Agency. 

Heloisa lives in Rio, Brazil. Check her LinkedIn profile