The blog comclareza was created by Heloisa Fischer in June 2017.

It gathers information and news on the plain language movement, fosters debate, shares resources, connects people and organizations.

Heloisa Fischer is a Brazilian journalist. She received her bachelor degree in Social Communication from Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ) and is currently a post-graduate student in Consumption Culture at Puc-Rio. Her focus is on the role of  language  in government data transparency.

She is also a collaborating researcher at UFRJ Inovation Agency. 

Heloisa is member of Plain Language Association International (PLAIN), the global network of plain language professionals and supporters. She translated to Portuguese the “What is plain language?” page at PLAIN’s website. She also created the LinkedIn Plain Language Brasil Group

Heloisa Fischer lives in Rio, Brazil.

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Email: comclareza@gmail.com